Your real estate closing: Keep it local and use a licensed professional

by Francine D'Elia Wirsching on May 10, 2011

Why is it so important to you, the consumer, to have a local title insurance professional conduct your real estate closing?

The old adage that all real estate is local is absolutely correct, no doubt about it. And that adage is no truer than in Pennsylvania. Each county and township has its own criteria to transfer real estate and record transactions.

It’s your choice

When refinancing or purchasing be sure to shop for your title insurance provider and by all means choose a local, independent, licensed provider. Choose someone in or around the county in which you live. Don’t settle on the real estate agent’s “in-house” title agency and don’t let your television, internet, or national lender choose for you (let’s call them “out-of-state” lenders). If you do, most likely, you will have a “mobile” notary or notary signing agent conducting your closing.

By hiring an independent, licensed title insurance agent who is located in your community, you are:

  • adding a level of security in the protection of your financial information
  • hiring an independent eye who is not affiliated with your lender or real estate agent
  • saving money
  • supporting business owners who pay taxes and give back to your community
  • protecting the sanctity of the public record
  • adding a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your transaction

See why out-of-state title agents cost you money and why you pay more for less!

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